New direction

When I started this blog, I was thinking of pursuing a career to be a Network Engineer, to be a CCIE. But times has flown so fast, I don’t think CCIE is hot anymore. I want to be Machine Learning Engineer now.

What to do to achieve this new dream?

I have started by passing Udacity Nanodegree Machine Learning Engineer program. And then I moved to Big Data Company that will provide Big Data and Machine Learning solution on their products.

There are still many things to go. I have to play more harder to get this dream

Preparing the Lab

Start setting up my lab. I’m using dynamips on my lab. The network topology has been redrawn. Now I’ve got a better understanding of how to read and write a good network diagram. Next step is to assign IP address to each router. This has been done as well today.

Topology is ready. Now what? Start to answer lab question one by one. And the first one is very basic one, configuring the switch so all routers can reach each other using the ethernet interface. I’m asleep already. Will continue this tomorrow.

One small things learned today:

Unable to change F interface to full duplex because speed need to be configured to non-auto, otherwise the full duplex will not be happening

Time to bed. See you on the next post !

14 February this year

Many people celebrated the day mentioned above as Valentine day. But I celebrate it as my wedding anniversary. To make it more special, I added some ingredients by passing again CCIE written this year. The previous one had expired already before I had a chance to took the CCIE lab exam. This year I hope I can run all the way to the lab and pass it.

Happy 14 Feb !


Waiting is something that I don’t really like so much. I can still be able to handle it if I know how long I have to wait. This time, I was told to wait, but he could not tell me the time frame. So I have to wait, wait and wait like Victor Navorsky on “the terminal”.

Arrrgh, should I wait a little longer? Or just forget it?


I have been looking for a way to scan my folder on GMail, parse it, and process information on the folder. I’ve wrote several lines of code in perl, but still have some issues on retrieving several mails.

I have dig the  /usr/local/share/perl/5.8.8/Mail/ :

  • found that message_string called fetch
  • tried to download using fetch, also timed out
  • follow up: need to see why fetch timed out

Found a website of IMAP protocol. It may be useful later. Here is the site:

Time to go, will continue tomorrow.


IMAP::SSL on perl

I have an idea to create a script to automate some job on my GMail IMAP folder. However, I was stuck for several days on installing SSLeay modul on my ubuntu. I tried to install either using cpan or compiling it from source. Unfortunately none of them successful.

Finally I found an easy way by just using apt-get to install it. Now I have the module installed, and I can start to write my script

What is the best exam test preparation?

Like wrote previously, I’m now intensively doing a research to find out which exam test preparation is the best to help me on the CCIE journey. Doing some search on google, but still unable to draw a conclusion.

Some folks on several forum said that boson is a good one. Unfortunately, I’ve never found any testimonial that somebody passed the CCIE by helping of boson. It’s really weird, it is really good why nobody admit that they are using boson to help their CCIE journey? Some guys just tell don’t use testking, don’t use bla bla bla, but they don’t tell which one is good. It leaves me with no clue, and makes me thinking that they are just showing their power but not sharing anything to the forum.

Finally, I’m still sitting here without any decision yet. May be I’ll try NetMasterClass just to see how good it is.